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Online Voter Services : Online Voter List 218

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India Voters list 2018 contains state wise voter lists of India. No more hassle of going to the booth with proof of identity or other documents and searching your name in the list. You can at once authenticate your claim to be the voter in your locality and cooperate to do the vote casting peacefully with the organized democratic approach. Not only will you, almost all Indian voters find this electoral app extremely useful for its utility features.

How the app works
The app India Voters list 2018 works like the state-based database for details Indian voters names and their primary details. No matter if you are an existing voter or you have newly registered your name in voter list, the online list will let you know your eligibility to take part in the upcoming Indian election. All data used in the app are 100% authentic and they are organized in accordance with state enlistment for quick access of the users.

App’s Features:
Let’s check all the app integrated features. Prior knowledge about the features of the app India Voters lists 2018 will help you to use it at its best.
Easy and user-friendly interface,
You can search the name of the voters from the voter list of any states in India,
You can search your friends and family members details from the voter list,
If you are a polling agent the app will make your work easier,
You can find the polling station’s name also.

It is important to cast vote and it is also important to be aware of your voter registration as well as of your friends and relatives. Download the app India Voters list 2018 and cast your vote consciously. Assert your right to making Indian voting poll a grand success!



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